***Update 5/10/2019 ***

-add more detail for tile

-make status of thief better.

-add speed button on top right of screen

-fix some bug 

Welcome to the  Treasure Cave. Underground cave with many treasures Waiting for the brave to find wealth there. A board game with a variety of routes, a variety of opportunities that occur just by spinning the wheel to move forward.

Your destiny will determine your wealth. How much you deserve?

The remake of Quest of magic : Millenus's  greed.
This is based on a story from a paper game I played as a child.
Because it's a demo there is only 1 playable  floor with unique skill cards, rare treasures to collect and basic battle mechanics.
I plan on releasing a full version next year after I put together a team to develop the game.
My goal is to make this game for Android  and sell it for $1-$2.

If you like my game and want to support my work please consider donating $1.


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avaritia_1-3.exe 45 MB


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Nice game; love the graphics and music! We used to make our games with GameMaker Studio as well. The sound of the die roll was a bit too much though :p

thank  you. 


Hey there, I tried your game but couldn't play it. In Opera (45) it loads fine, but the New Game button doesn't seem to work. In Firefox (also 45), the music starts, but the screen remains black. Hope this helps!


If you can't play on browser, you should download in PC.
use chrome for last choice.


I don't have Chrome and don't want Chrome. Opera uses the same engine anyway. It's a browser game, it should work in any modern browser. As for the PC version, I have Linux, and many Windows games don't work for me. Also, unpacking a RAR archive is a chore.


I feel sorry, I made by gamemaker studio 1 that outdate. (I don't have much money I wait for gamemaker studio 1 bundle 15$ to port to android. )